The related topics of the conferences are:

  1. Electrical safety in the 21st Century
  2. Energy limitation and reduction of arc flash hazards
  3. Fields of applications focusing on:
    • Renewable electricity: wind, photovoltaics, fuel cells
    • Storage systems protection
    • Advance electronics protection
    • Industrial applications
    • Buildings applications
    • Distribution systems, decentralized production and smart grids
    • Poor power quality environments
    • Electric vehicles and traction applications
  4. Safety, performance and trends in DC applications
  5. Arcing Phenomena and diagnostics
  6. Fuse operation and modelling methods
  7. Fuses, circuit breakers and current limiting devices
  8. Standardization, testing and labs
  9. Technological development and production of fuses
  10. Fuses under the EcoDesign and Energy Efficiency of Systems Legislation
  11. Fusible wires advanced applications and phenomena
  12. Arcing phenomena in porous media and capillaries
  13. Fundamental physical and chemical phenomena in fusible wires’ operation 
  14. Advance measuring techniques during fusible wires operation
  15. Plasma walls interaction
  16. Exploding Wires
  17. Pulsed and cyclic loading
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